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Kindling Video – Sword Study Leader Guide: 1 Peter Week 2
June 24, 2016 Admin

As we near the end of Week 3 in 1 Peter, we’re happy to now be able to release this Kindling video, put together for Week 2. You’ll be able to use the tools featured in this video all throughout the summer!

In the video, we share a couple of our favorite ways to memorize Scripture in community. Using Scripture Typer is a great way to encourage your group to memorize and treasure God’s Word together. This is especially helpful for those who would like to join us in memorizing the 24 specially selected focus Scriptures in the 1 Peter Sword Study.

Visit this link to get started with Scripture Typer and add the 1 Peter passages to your list!

Also, don’t forget to join us this weekend for the online treasure hunt here on the Word in the Family website! We pray that you have a wonderful weekend with your families, and are encouraged as you enjoy God’s Word together.